IKUDZO employs highly qualified specialists to develop and manufacture its products. IKUDZO is manufactured at a new plant in Russia, IKUDZO Power Machinery Co., Ltd.

This is a completely new level of quality of motor vehicles in Russia. We try to think through every detail of the equipment produced. The latest modeling and manufacturing technologies allow us to create high-quality equipment.  

IKUDZO uses only the highest quality components and engines from companies such as HONDA, ZONGSHEN, LONCIN and LIFAN.

All IKUDZO tow trucks are equipped with the richest equipment:

* Motor with manual and electric starter.

* Heated handles

* Cigarette lighter

* Tool glove compartment

* Lighting

* Reverse Gear (optional)

They are equipped with engines from 9 to 24 hp

IKUDZO motorcycle tow trucks have a lot of modern solutions implemented:

1. Laser cutting of metal with surface oxidation. This is a modern method that allows you to create perfect joints, and an additional anti-corrosion layer is created in the cutting areas.

2. High-strength steel with increased strength factor. The IKUDZO motorcycle tow trucks do not use "raw metal" like many other Russian manufacturers. IKUDZO has a very expensive anti-corrosion steel with an increased strength factor.

3. Automatic chain tensioner. You do not need to tighten the bolts to tighten the chain.

4. The hood is metal, shifts and rises, which greatly facilitates maintenance in the field. The metal hood is the maximum protection, the convenient attachment of the hood is easily removed even with gloves. The hood is made for mounting and simply leans forward.

5. The angle of attack is perfectly calculated, and it can be adjusted.

6. Reverse gear is not just a reverse box. This is the best reverse box in Russia! Switching without jerks and growls. The most expensive reliable and convenient reverse!

7. All-season track rollers. Japanese bearings. Very expensive rollers and bearings are in the IKUDZO TOW TRUCKS!

8. he steering system is folded to fit the design of the tow truck, without increasing its volume, which allows you to fit the tow truck in most cars.

10. 18W headlight 11.

11. The use of the MACH SPACE design feature, with the standard size of the IKUDZO Tow truck, allowed to increase the luggage compartment.

12. The IKUDZO tow trucks have an ideal balance and load on the track. The engine is placed so that even without an additional load on the motorcycle tank, the pressure on the snow will be evenly, which significantly increases the cross-country ability!

13. Glove compartment for the instrument. No one has ever cared about the user as much as IKUDZO.

14. Electric and manual start-up in each model!

15. Heated handles in the basic configuration!

16. Cigarette lighter in the basic configuration!